Nevena’s approach to fashion goes beyond the pure beauty of her creations. Having graduated with multiple languages and Cognitive Science at the University of Oslo and influenced by her artistic upbringing, she as a Designer has a genuine belief in clothing’s deeper meaning and purpose. Mindfully creating valuable, timeless pieces that can be handed in generations, she is shaping all her designs with the most careful thought a meaningful Sustainability. Enabling with each step the technical cycle of the circular economy, Nevena and all our team are dedicated to closest to zero waste processes at all times, carefully keeping all materials in use and encouraging our clients to use, reuse, repair, recreate, revive and recycle their NEVENA pieces.
With her engagement to work in a traceable value chain and foster long standing relationships, Nevena always aims to partner with sustainable companies that share the same values and beliefs.
Genuinely and practically engaged with a responsible fashion behavior, Nevena is a TEDx speaker on "Sustainability in Fashion" and is taking regularly part in multiple Roundtables and other initiatives on the topic.