Lace is our true passion - and we make magic with it.

With its awe inspiring texture and stunning complexity, lace is our Couturier’s Nevena most favourite material - and the most precious fabric there is. A rare, unique and simply striking creation, lace takes a major position in the world of Couture - it is the language of luxury that speaks to the heart, embodying a legacy that is destined to fascinate for generations to come. 

This exquisite material requires an exceptional level of craftsmanship and commitment to the art of lace making, involving up to 32 processes, unique, century old machines and the complete dedication of generations of lace makers. The result of this elaborate and engaged work is an artisanal, breath taking material that is a true treasure on its own. 

To turn it into a dress creation, it takes deep understanding of textiles and pattern making, long experience with luxury fabrics and the highest level of Couture approach, meticulous craftsmanship, painstaking attention to detail - and simply devotion to perfection.

Nevena as an original Couturier has the unique understanding of it all, and paired with our In-House production in the best of Parisian traditions, we create pure magic within each peace coming from our hands and hearts. 

“...lace is formed from the absence of substance; it is imagined in the spaces between the threads. Lace is a thing like hope. It lived, it survived … lace was the outline - the suggestion - of things not seen.”
Iris Anthony