NEVENA COUTURE was established 2001. Ever since its inception The House has been known for its highest quality timeless pieces, meticulously handcrafted by the most skilful petite mains. Our eponymous Couturier Nevena is known for her love and expertise in Leavers loom French lace, but is highly experienced in using other precious materials like silk organza, gazar, chiffon as well, applying both old techniques and advanced technologies in serving the most discerning clientele worldwide.

NEVENA as a concept emerged as an embodiment of individualistic Couture, creating exquisite pieces that spoke to the heart of its clients. Nevena’s dedication to tailoring not only to bodies but to personalities and her devotion to the best of self expression transform still today each piece into a personal statement of the wearer.

As our Couturier’s commitment to celebrating uniqueness grew, so did her passion to share the essence of the Couture excellence with a wider audience. Thus Nevena started creating small exclusive collections of Couture staples, made with the same meticulous craftsmanship and carrying the timeless elegance she is known for. Most often separates pieces, those creations are truly Prêt-à-Couture jewels, wearable in the best of contemporary chic.

Like a red thread, the ethos of the House’s Couture is seamlessly intertwined with any of Nevena’s new lines. In each of its collections and projects, The House's commitment to the Couture approach remains unwavering, upholding our values of authenticity, harmony and endless creativity, manifesting in the versatility and elegant timelessness and the unparalleled devotion to quality.